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Jarely Galeas,  Licensed Mental Health Counselor


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In-Person Therapy

Where a client meets face-to-face with a therapist

  • 🔗 Personal Connection

    Being in the same physical space fosters a sense of connection between the therapistand the client, which can enhance the therapeutic relationship, facilitate trust andopenness.

  • 📋 Customization of Techniques

    The therapist can easily adapt their therapeutic techniques and interventions based onthe client's responses and needs during in-person sessions, allowing for a morepersonalized and effective treatment approach.

  • 🤝🏻 Sensory Experience

    Being physically present in the therapy room allows clients to engage with sensoryexperiences such as tactile objects or calming environments, which can enhancerelaxation and emotional regulation during sessions.


Therapy On Your Time, Wherever You Are


In the comfort of your home we can talk via phone, chat or video call.


Client privacy and data security are paramount. For personal information our practice work with top software and systems to create a trustworthy experience.


Client privacy and data security are paramount. For personal information our practice work with top software and systems to create a trustworthy experience.


Feeling sad is normal, but when it escalates to feelings like worthlessness, hopelessness, or physical symptoms, it may indicate depression, a common mental health disorder with various triggers.


Worry is normal, but persistent, excessive worry affecting daily activities might be an anxiety disorder, common in over 40 million U.S. adults, while trauma refers to distressing events causing ongoing stress, guilt, or shame, categorized as acute, chronic, or complex.

Group Counseling for women's issues

The Women’s Issues Group Therapy offers a safe and confidential space for women to explore various challenges they face, such as relationships, self-esteem, and career and many other topics of interest. Facilitated by experienced therapists, sessions provide support, skill-building, and coping strategies. Participants benefit from a supportive community of women sharing similar experiences. Open to women of all backgrounds between the ages of 18-50. The therapy fosters empowerment, growth, and self-awareness. To join and experience healing in a nurturing environment, individuals can contact our office for more information, pricing, and appointments.

Acculturation: Immigration/Refugee Issues

Acculturation is the process of cultural contact and exchange through which a person or group comes to adopt certain values and practices of a culture that is not originally their own. Making the decision to leave one’s home to make a new life in another country is not an easy one.

Family Relations

Family issues can manifest in the healthiest of families, resulting in challenging, frustrating, and painful interactions among family members. Ideally, our families are those whom we can always rely on for support, love, guidance, and acceptance.

Grief and Loss

Grief is one of life’s most difficult emotions we face as human beings. That can make it difficult to reach out when you need help. After experiencing the loss, the symptoms associated with grief can initially be quite severe.

Life and Career Transitions

Adjusting to change can be difficult, as even positive life transitions tend to cause some stress. Over the course of a lifetime, a person can expect to experience a significant amount of change.


We all experience stress in our day to day lives. We experience stress at home, work, school, in our relationships and with ourselves. High pressure environments can make matters worse when the stress of others is palpable and elevates our own stress level.

Personal Growth and Self-Esteem

Self-esteem problems impede people's ability to be happy, successful, and fulfilled. Self-esteem is a trait that develops throughout time and is influenced by a variety of circumstances.


I've dedicated my career to providing personalized and thoughful counseling, with the credentials to back it up.

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My counseling style is warm, caring, and interactive. I create a safe, stigma-free environment where all clients are treated with respect, dignity, and compassion.

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Jarely offers new insights, which helps me to reassess my issues in a different light. Jarely also gives fantastic recommendations of books or actions that I can take with me outside of our sessions. Sometimes all you want is just an ear to listen to you, and sometimes you want recommendations and help in more real/practical matters- with Jarely, you get both.

Jarely is very professional and understanding. She makes one feel comfortable talking about strong feelings and situations; helps me understand them in all ways. Amazing therapist! Recommended!

Jarely has been amazingly supportive, informative and I have found the two sessions to be super insightful. Would highly recommend Jarely.