After only 2 sessions Jarely has already helped me immensely, I leave sessions feeling lighter, and with new strategies and resources for moving forward.


It’s a great therapist and a professional. I just had 2 therapy sessions, I am better already, and I am excited for what it’s coming.


I felt really confidence about talking and expressing my issues with Jarely.


She's great, and I look forward to our sessions.


She gives reassurance on thoughts and allows me to feel comfortable in Spanish and English.


Jarely has helped me achieve insights that wouldn't have been possible on my own. She is a great listener, and her advice is top-notch!


Jarely has helped with my mental health immensely. I look forward to our therapy sessions because I know I will leave with the tools I need to move forward with my life in a healthy way.


Jarely has been nothing but amazing! She was extremely helpful and a great listener. Using her advice and the tools she provided I was able to get through a very tough time.


Jarely makes me feel very comfortable about expressing the issues in my life. I have only completed 2 sessions so far, but they have been very effective, and I look forward to continuing with Jarely.


She is very in tune to my needs and helped me quickly.


Jarely is a wonderful support and works with you to set reasonable goals, while challenging you to accept healthier perspectives!


Jarely Galeas is a wonderful therapist who listens and gives practically advice that one can use right away. I am finding our sessions very helpful.


She's very professional, human and with experience.


Jarely offers new insights, which helps me to reassess my issues in a different light. Jarely also gives fantastic recommendations of books or actions that I can take with me outside of our sessions. Sometimes all you want is just an ear to listen to you, and sometimes you want recommendations and help in more real/practical matters- with Jarely, you get both.


Jarely is very professional and understanding. She makes one feel comfortable talking about strong feelings and situations; helps me understand them in all ways. Amazing therapist! Recommended!


Jarely has been amazingly supportive, informative and I have found the two sessions to be super insightful. Would highly recommend Jarely.


I love Jarely, I feelshe understands me and listens to me! She’s awesome.

Jarely is terrific and so supportive. I really value my time with her.”

Jarely is an amazing therapist. She helped me navigate my separation and work through other life challenges. I would highly recommend her to anyone as she is excellent at her raft and has a caring soul. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Jarely!

Jarely has been great. I really appreciate her approach to therapy.

Jarely Galeas is the best therapist I’ve ever been connected with. She really listens and helps me try to see things from a different perspective, I would 200% recommend her to a friend.

Jarely has been incredibly helpful and supportive, I’ve really enjoyed working with her.

Jarely is always finding new methods and ways to help me work through my daily concerns. She is consistent in keeping me accountable all the while validating my concerns and coming up with techniques so I can remain helpful in myself between sessions. I would definitely recommend her guidance to anyone.

Jarely listens to my concern and I’m enjoying our sessions. She’s been helpful in my journey to overcome my traumas and anxiety triggers.”

Great experience, showed authentic empathy to my concerns and provided me accurate information on how to deal with them.”

Very considerate and professional. Takes the time to focus on your main concerns and set goals each week to overcome challenges at a steady and reasonable pace. Highly recommend.”

Jarely is a fantastic therapist and a fantastic person. She will listen to you even if you can’t bring yourself to talk about your trauma or past every time you sit down with her. Honestly, I’ve seen changes in myself since starting our sessions, and I wouldn’t trade what I've been taught for anything! 1000000/10.

After only 2 sessions Jarely has already helped me immensely, I leave sessions feeling lighter and with new strategies and resources moving forward.

She’s a great therapist and professional. I just had 2 therapy sessions, I am better already and I am excited for what is coming.”